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Graphic design for New England Seafood by Gibson, a London agency

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Designing the big book of fish for NES

Working in partnership with one of our publishing clients, we were asked to design a brochure for New England Seafood. Based in Surrey, NES are one of the UK's biggest seafood importers and processors, supplying some of our top supermarket brands. They wanted to demonstrate their capabilities and sustainability credentials to new clients, in an industry that is now under close inspection and tight regulation.

The brochure uses original photography by Myles New, bringing to life the NES way of doing things, without recourse to a single factory widget or technical diagram. We just wish we'd taken our thermals along to art direct the two day photo shoot.

A range of delicious fish recipes was added to the back of the brochure, cooked up by CJ Jackson, Cordon Bleu chef and director of Billingsgate Seafood Training School (just what can you teach a prawn?). All served up on environmentally aware Howard Smith paper, made with 100% ECF pulp.



New England Seafood


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