This is Gibson – a creative agency specialising in branding, graphic design and web design, based in East Sheen, south-west London. 

This is branding for a technology start-up. Branding and web design for a European PR agency. Graphic design for the UK's largest shoe retailer. Event branding and music packaging for a legendary music producer. Direct marketing that pulled four times the average response. Web design for a major design and fit-out specialist.

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Gibson's Ariel Atom 3 (300) at Spa, courtesy of Jochen Van Cauwenberge at frozenspeed.com

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Less is more for the Ariel Atom

If you're sharp-eyed and rubber-necked, you may have spotted an Ariel Atom 3 (300) with our URL on it. When we're not working, we like to take our braver clients out for some adrenalin-fuelled moments on the UK's best race circuits. Jeremy Clarkson, from TV's Top Gear, described his drive in an Atom as 'The time of my life.'

Our relationship with the Ariel Motor Company goes back to 2000 when the revolutionary Atom first saw daylight and Simon Saunders, the car's designer, demonstrated the design principle that less really does mean more. More grip. More acceleration. More terror.

A few years later, we were asked to help put together some advertising for the new Atom 2. It sold the benefits that come with 500kg and 300bhp: super responsive handling and acceleration that's akin to being kicked up the road by an angry deity.

If you're not yet a client and the world rushing backwards turns you on, the answer is 'yes' – we'd be delighted to take you for a spin. However, we do reserve the right to agree any project fees before bringing the car to a stop. Everyone needs a little extra bargaining power now and again.

In 2011, we were tasked with re-branding the owners' club, called simply 'Atom Club', and the design of a new, multi-functional website.


Ariel Motor Company


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